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One critical and engaging point of religious discourse among social- theorists and thinkers is the healing craft capacity often claimed by religious institutions. This paper explores the structure and dynamics of the nexus between religion and health in the Nigerian context, considering its complexities and pervasiveness. From a review of grey literature and data from online blogs and religious websites, findings show that there is high traffic and patronage to religious centres in Nigeria, mostly for issues ‘bothering the mind’ and terminal diseases, whereas same sources create avenue for assassination and promotion of unhealthy behaviour. Religious factors are essential in health discourse at policy level, to ensure wholesome impacts.


healthcare delivery healing practices mental health religious institutions spirituality

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Salami , K. K., & Onuegbu, C. M. (2019). Religion, Health and Turbulence of Healing Craft in the Nigerian Context. IBADAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY, 9(1), 30. Retrieved from