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The line connecting climate variations and gender-related health issues was virtually non-existing or at most insignificant about three decades ago. There was no link of gender in the deluge of epidemic and disasters related to climate variations. However, with recent development in climate change, more research and available data globally, it is clear that we cannot separate climate change from gender-related health issues. Studies have shown women are 14 more times likely to die than men during disaster considering, the fact that 68 per cent of all disasters are related to climate change. Women constitute the majority of agricultural workers globally and in Nigeria, where agriculture is the mainstream, making them more vulnerable to diseases and harsh weather conditions exacerbated by heat waves, extreme rainfall and rising humidity. The study was purposively conducted in ten communities in Rivers State, where people experienced climate divergence, neglect, poverty and environmental degradation. Focus group discussion was used in gathering relevant information. Participants were grouped according to gender and included community leaders, religious leaders, representatives of the associations, youth and women leader who lives in the selected communities. Timeline tools such as timeline analysis and ranking were also used during discussions to provide information on transformations that had occurred and brought about environmental issues in the selected communities. The study found that environmental degradation has impacted negatively in the communities. Also, women emphasized more on the consequences of these problems on farming, fishing, erosion and environmental pollution. In terms of health issues, women identified malaria, hypertension, ulcer, diarrhea, asthma and diabetes as new ailments associated with changing climate with malaria as widespread. Poverty alleviation schemes should be increasingly established and effectively implemented to help lift more women out of poverty.



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