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Service delivery is one of the primary reasons for the existence of the local government, but for a number of reasons this all important function of the local government is being undermined. Chief among them is poor funding and issues of autonomy. This study’s major objective is to examine the contributions of Zaria local government towards development of its community. Data was collected from the primary sources with the aid of questionnaires. The secondary data were gathered from the records of the local government:  records regarding number of projects earmarked and those commissioned. Analysis of the data was conducted using descriptive statistical tools while the hypothesis was tested with the aid of Chi-square. The outcome of the test revealed that the intervention of Zaria Local Government on infrastructure has a significant effect on the development of its rural communities. The paper found out that paucity of funds is the major hindrance to the accelerated infrastructural development of communities (especially rural) by Zaria Local Government. The paper therefore recommends that Local Government financial autonomy is not negotiable, but must be monitored by the relevant authorities.


Infrastructure Development Local Government Zaria Service Delivery Projects

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Faruk , A., & Jamiu Atobatele , A. (2019). Infrastructural Development of Communities in Zaria: How well has the Local Government Performed?. IBADAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY, 10(1), 25. Retrieved from