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Poverty is prevalent in local communities in Southern Taraba state even though the zone is naturally endowed. Its impact on those communities differs; but some of the observable effects include deprivation, dependence and poor well-being which necessitated its mitigation. The objective of the study is to determine, if the culture of poverty theory standing alone or whether structural constraints also combine to explain the prevalence of poverty in southern Taraba state. A thorough assessment reveals that the people’s lifestyle and other structural constraints combine to perpetuate the spread of poverty in the area. Consequently, this paper recommends the use of social re-orientation and education to change the people’s psyche as the starting point for genuine poverty eradication effort. It should be followed with the provision of supportive infrastructure to reinforce the success of any chosen policy framework to mitigate the poverty challenge in the zone


Culture Structural Constraint Human Security Lifestyle Poverty Social Change

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