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Researches had shown that among the interventions which play a vital role both in treatment and prevention of HIV, HIV counseling and testing stands out. This research was conducted to assess the knowledge and utilization of HCT services among fisherfolks in Ajaokuta and Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria. Systematic random sampling was used to select 208 respondents in which there were 103 respondents in Ajaokuta and 105 in Lokoja. Data were collected using a pretested interviewer administered questionnaire which elicited socio-demographic characteristics, HIV counseling and testing. The majority of the respondents were males (89.3%) and (92.4%) in Ajaokuta and Lokoja respectively. Almost half (48.7%) of respondents in Ajaokuta and 70.4% in Lokoja were between ages 21-40 years. A total of 45.7% and 73.4% of the respondents had primary and secondary education in Ajaokuta and Lokoja respectively. More than half (53.4%) of the fisherfolks in Ajaokuta and 60.0% in Lokoja heard about HCT before the study. Only 24.3% of the respondents in Ajaokuta and 14.3% in Lokoja tested for HIV 6 months preceding the study. Also, only 21.6% of fisherfolks in Ajaokuta and 35.7% in Lokoja requested for HIV test. Outreach services through peer interventions and mobile HIV counseling and testing with boats and canoes are recommended for these people.


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