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The people and the governments in Nigeria are both clamoring over the unhealthy trends in crime rates in most of the northern states of Nigeria as at now. The north is not alone in this recent trend in criminal activity of the young – it is a national phenomena. What surprise most observers has to do with the nature of the criminal activities and in most case its scope and the age of the perpetrator; The wholesome massacre of villages for theft and extortion of money, constant and daily kidnappings of road users and similar crimes were unimaginable in these areas just ten years back.  A number of strategies were adopted by both the federal and the states governments in order to check the menacing security situations. The security mess appeared to yield very little to these measures. The use of both the police and the military in fighting the criminals had yielded so little in the North West, that rumors had it that these men in uniforms were also benefiting from the crime proceedings. Poverty , lack of occupation that would keep the young men busy as well as other reasons such as the use of social media and accessibility to complex weaponery from neighboring countries were quoted as the facilitating factors of high crime rates. It is thought that entrepreneurship in divers products and services were produced was the answer to the menacing criminal activities in these states. This paper examines critically , the motives the sources and the theoretical explanation of the criminal tendency of the youths in the study area. It tries to confer possible solutions to these criminal tendencies through a concerted efforts of both the government and the general public on how best to tackle this most important social problem. Entrepreneurship development that would be sustained and keep pace with the growing population size is suggested as the only way out of security uncertainty in the study area.


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