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Globalisation integrates markets for goods, services and capital across countries. It also creates several opportunities for cultural interactions. In spite of these integrations and interactions, not all countries benefit equally from globalisation. Typically, less developed countries bear the brunt of untamed globalisation. Via secondary sources, this article investigates how globalisation impacts on the Nigerian economy and influences local culture, with emphasis on how these affect Nigerian youths. This paper also reveals that elements of the Nigerian culture, which are meant to guide youths’ attitudes and behaviours have been diluted with cultures from abroad. In addition, the local economy has benefitted minimally from supposed access to global markets, yet, the opportunities for gains in a globalising world are such that no country can hope to be better off by isolating itself. Thus, Nigeria can benefit maximally from inevitable globalisation by engineering policies that would determine the degree of engagement and designs, which will show how specific sectors would ultimately gain from globalisation.


Globalisation Nigerian youth and economy Youth culture Nigeria

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FALASE, O. S., & OGUNWALE, G. I. (2020). The Nigerian Youth and the Rhetoric of Globalisation. IBADAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY, 11(1), 18. Retrieved from