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The triumvirate nexus existing among migration, remittances and development has been a subject of great attention and seminal discussion lately. Remittances, which are the major product of Internal or international migration has been considered as a veritable vehicle that galvanises development both at the micro and the macro level. At the micro level, remittances, contribute significantly to human development vide the alleviation poverty, improvement of living standards, enhancement of access to education and healthcare for the families of migrants. Specifically, this paper evaluates the effect of remittances on the society of origin at the micro level. The study adopts a qualitative approach, which involves the review of literature and key informant interviews of 18 notable indigenes of Idoani town. The study discovers that migrants remit money which improves the access of family members left behind to education and healthcare, and which also serves as poverty alleviation mechanism to them. It was also established that remittances contributes immensely to improving the living standards in the  society of origin through the collective provision of a range of social amenities by Home Town Unions/Associations.


Migration; Remittances; Human Development; Society of origin; Destination society; Developing countries.

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Oyefara, J. L., & Alabi, O. B. (2017). Rural-Urban Migration, Remittances and Human Development in Nigeria:. IBADAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY, 3(1), 32-53. Retrieved from