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Many young people are frequently exposed to a large number of sexual contents in music videos. Constant exposure to sexual-related contents is perceived to affect their Risky Sexual Behaviour (RSB) significantly because this group is influenced by what they observe during this stage of their development. This study investigated the relationship between exposure to sexually related contents of most Nigerian Popular Music Videos (NPMVs) and associated risky sexual behaviour among undergraduates of a Nigerian university. This study was a cross-sectional survey, and a multi-stage sampling technique was adopted in selecting 430 undergraduates. Mixed methods were adopted for data collection. Significantly related to RSB were age (r = 0.130), sex (χ2= 4.965), sexual content exposure from NPMVs (r = 0.451), and perception towards increasing sexual contents in NPMVs (r = 0.321). Nigerian Popular Music Videos influenced 27% of RSB among young people while watching NPMVs (β=0.656), frequency of watching NPMVs (β=0.149), hours spent watching (β=0.525), and sexual content of NPMVs (β= 0.287) were predictors of RSB. The FGD discussants confirmed that exposure to sexual contents of NPMVs influenced risky sexual behaviour such as indecent dressing, sexually explicit speech, dance styles and casual sex. Nigerian Popular Music Videos should be leveraged for communicating healthy sexual messages, and existing health education programmes in school settings should be reviewed to promote safe sexual behaviours.


Undergraduates University Nigerian popular music videos Risky sexual behaviour

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Adebola, P. E., John-Akinola, Y. O., & Dipeolu, I. O. (2021). Sexual-Related Contents In Music Videos And Associated Risky Sexual Behaviour among Undergraduate Students in a Nigerian University. IBADAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY, 12(1), 18. Retrieved from