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The potency of art in the society cannot be overemphasized. Artists are integral part of the society, and hence make poignant statements of various issues ranging from social, economic, political and religious issues to mention but a few.This article discusses the varied styles, content and context of art pieces produced by three astute Nigerian artists on conflict resolution in response to the happenings in the Nigerian society. Udubrae Ezekiel, Muazu Sani Mohammed and Kolade Oshinowo , representing three different geographical areas in Nigeria, with masterly strokes and creating some art pieces on conflict resolutions.The objectives of this article is to have a critique of selected exhibits on conflict situations and the place of visual art in society in conflict management. The random  sampling method was used in selecting the artists and exhibits. The record of the various works by the artists helps the society to understand the plights of refugees in crises situations and the need to address reoccurrence of wars and advocate for peaceful co-existence. Some lessons drawn and projections for the future on conflict resolution include the apt words of William Kelly in Gold (2006) when he states that “it is my previously stated belief that although “a painting can never stop a bullet; a painting can stop a bullet from being fired”. This perfectly illustrates the valuable role that the arts can have in supporting peacebuilding initiatives. It is the message that the artists have chosen to present in their works that have power to build peace in a community.


Painting, Conflict resolution, society, peace building

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