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The rate of urbanization especially in developing countries Nigeria inclusive is frightening as a result of population explosion. This has necessitated the emergence of urban renewal programme for effective planning, development, and management of towns and cities in Africa’s most populous country – Nigeria. The cardinal philosophy of the renewal programme is premised on curtailing the unbridled rural-urban migration and the associated challenges of infrastructural deficiencies. However, it has been observed that this programme is not producing the desired results envisaged in the design of the goals, objectives, and implementation mechanisms. Based on the observed shortcoming, above, it became imperative for a deeper investigation of alternative strategies for ensuring the effectiveness and success of the programme. In response to this, this study was designed and carried out to find-out if the introduction of participatory principles of networking and capacity building process will result in collective action which can stimulate effective management of the renewal programme. The population comprised selected Community Development Associations (CDAs) in Ibadan Metropolis. Data was obtained through a self-constructed questionnaire tagged Networking & Capacity Building and Urban Renewal questionnaire (NCBURQ). Finding showed that development programmes of this nature must be built on networking and capacity building of CDAs to perceive such programmes as theirs rather than as government programmes. Once this is achieved, it will accelerate and promotes the spirit of collectivism in the mindsets of community members. Based on these findings, the study made some necessary recommendations that development practitioners must thoroughly understand the key principles and processes of networking and capacity building in the design and implementation of development programmes.


Networking, Capacity Building, Urban renewal, participation, & mobilization

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