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The involvement of migrants’ children in alms solicitation is increasingly contributing to the problem of child begging in Nigerian cities. In view of this, this paper examined the social organisation and survival strategies of Nigerien child beggars soliciting alms in South-West Nigeria.  The study was guided by social learning theory. Data were generated through survey questionnaire and in-depth interview. Respondents were sampled through convenience and purposive sampling techniques. Findings indicated that most Nigerien child beggars took to street begging because of famine (40.6%) and drought (30.7%) in home-country. The majority (60.0%) were brought to Nigeria to solicit alms by their fathers; and their begging proceeds were primarily utilised for family upkeep. About 40% planned to return to Niger Republic after making enough money from alms solicitation. Efforts should be made by the Federal Government to probe into possible connection between child trafficking and child begging in Nigeria.


Child begging Child trafficking Nigerien child beggars Social organisation Nigeria

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