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Workplace friendship is a berated relationship in a bureaucratic system of management around which many Organisations build their structure. This is because of yet to be explored quintessential role friendship brings about for Organisations. This empirical investigation demystified influence of employees' friendship on work attitudes regarding work satisfaction, performance, commitment and intention to leave. The theoretical framework of this study was bureaucracy. A descriptive design was adopted using questionnaire instrument complemented by In-depth interview (IDI). With a multi-stage sampling technique, a total of 300 questionnaires were successfully administered, in two distinct Organisations – one each from public and private tertiary institutions in Ibadan here in referred to as Organisation A and Organisation B respectively – thus, the formula, 200 from Organisation A and 100 from Organisation B. In-depth interviews conducted in both institutions were 18 in number. The quantitative data obtained from questionnaire were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical techniques powered by SPSS version 21. However, the qualitative data were content analyzed. Results from the study revealed that, there was relationship between workplace friendship and job performance (r= .312); Organisation commitment (r= .208); job satisfaction (.187) p<001, thus, the higher the predominance of co-worker friendship, the better the performance, commitment and satisfaction of workers. On the opposite, workplace friendship can directly encourage turnover intention (r=.166), but the older a worker becomes, the lower the intention to leave the job. Stakeholders and management of organisations at various levels are implored to embrace workplace friendship by creating opportunity for such and integrate it with formal relationship in order to ensure full engagement of employees at work.


Workplace friendship Job performance Turnover intention Commitment Attitude

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