1st December, 2014

Published: Dec 1, 2014

Ibadan Journal of Sociology Volume 1

Olutayo Akinpelu Olanrewaju
Read Statistic: 59

Sociology without Boundary?

5-27 Dejo A. Abdulrahman
Read Statistic: 98

Paradox Theory, Nigerian Women and Development:

A Reflexive Sociological Critique

28-52 Catherine Di Domenico,, MariaLaura Di Domenico
Read Statistic: 59


A Concept Burdened by History and Inflation

53-72 Margareta Popoola
Read Statistic: 62

Transforming Nigeria’s Universities from Local to Global Centres of Learning

73-110 Olayiwola Erinosho
Read Statistic: 48

When Nigerian Society Was Fifty

111-129 Otite Onigu
Read Statistic: 54